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Redakcja nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za wypowiedzi Internautów opublikowane na stronach serwisu oraz zastrzega sobie prawo do redagowania, skracania bądź usuwania komentarzy zawierających treści zabronione przez prawo, uznawane za obraźliwie lub naruszające zasady współżycia społecznego.

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Shalom darthsidaI just hapneped across this site, while doing some lookups. There seems to be some discussion going on, about the emigration of Jews from Poland in the 1960s. At least everyone here seems to be agreed that the migration took place. You seem determined to say that the matter was not an expulsion; and that in calling it an expulsion , people are besmirching Poles.I am not Jewish, nor am I Polish; though some of my ancestors were Polish Jews from Galicia (now in the Ukraine). I did grow up in predominantly Polish-American neighborhoods, though, and my step-father had Polish parents; so I should be a reasonable judge of Polish character. It's this: My step-father was a hard-working, honest man of moderate tastes, who always kept some Manishewitz wine on hand for company. His family appeared to be of similar character.As for the Jews I've known, our family doctors were Jewish. They were all honest men, skillful in their profession, who took a personal interest in their patients regardless of their nationality. I've known a few other Jews in my life, and the majority of them have fit this description as well.If anyone here takes my word on these matters, then, we can assume that the Poles and Jews, alike, are generally pretty good people; and I don't think an honest person who is familiar with either race would be swayed in his or her judgment by the fact that some 15,000 Jews fled Poland in the 1960s, mostly to Israel. For the record, I believe a deal was made between the two countries: The Polish government didn't want its Jews, and the Israeli government wanted them, so it was a win-win situation. That was the driving force of the migration, not whether the Poles were slobs or whether the Jews were lazy. No doubt some were one or the other or both, in both groups.Concerning seized estates, a distant cousin of mine recently passed away in Israel. His father had owned a tarpaper factory in Crakow before WWII. When the Germans attacked, the family managed to get to the eastern part of Poland (now Ukraine & Belarus), where the Soviets captured them and sent them to Siberia. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, my cousin's father was released, to become active in the Polish underground (about half the underground fighters in Europe in WWII were Jewish). My cousin, meanwhile, was sent to Iran, then Iraq and Transjordan, and finally to Palestine ( Palestinians in those days were Jews; the Arabs were simply called Arabs). My cousin tried for sixty years to get the Polish government to return the property to him that was seized by the Nazis, but they refused. So you see, I don't need any stories of 1968, to know that the Polish government continues to cheat the Jews and withold seized estates: They are guilty, plain and simple. What does this say about Polish character? Probably that they are hard-working, honest people who don't think they have to treat Jews fairly. What else could you conclude, knowing what I know? Of course, there are good Poles and bad, just as there are good Americans and bad; but we can't go on denying the obvious about our relatives and neighbors: They are human, and they are flawed; so are we.On the positive side, I haven't forgotten that when all the rest of Europe was expelling the Jews from their countries around 1500, the Polish king welcomed them and treated them as guests. Neither am I forgetting that in 1648, when Cossack and Ukrainian peasants revolted and killed some 30,000 Jews, the Poles stood with them. Nor am I forgetting the many, many Poles more, probably, than any other nationality, who sheltered Jews escaping from the concentration camps. They were a small minority among Poles so much that Jews despaired of trying to escape because of the near certainty of being caught, robbed and turned over to the Nazis but considering their own dire circumstances, those Poles behaved about as well as one might expect. Certainly there were many scoundrels among them (and among the Jews as well); but those who did help the Jews did so out of a kindness of heart that astounded even those whom they saved.It pays to keep our eyes on the big picture.God bless & keep you allShalom shalom :-)


Tak sobie przeglądam informacje i jest tu trochę nieaktualnych rzeczy. Np. klub corrida już dawno nie istnieje.

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