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Niestety, bydło i karczki w rozklekotanych bmw + 15 latki.


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Scatts=> Your I should have soptped reading just when I saw the word purge , about line 10. But I swallowed my disgust for BBC News' lexicon and went on. The expletives are: stripped (of citizenship) , kicked out , ordered out . What do they really mean in administrative law terms? Close to nothing? Michal Sobelman , mentioned there I can't google out any sources how he's harmed in 1968. He says The Poland of those times did not want us . That's a nice one-liner for a title, but as far as semantic precision goes, it is meaningless. Or as meaningful as saying Past-1989 Poland didn't want us, . So, are we ready to call PGR workers expellees and some of the outcome of Balcerowicz reform as purge ? clearly the numbers of people that went overseas to earn their living did not go there out of boredom.=> Your No, it's not good. Even if I should take RADIO FREE EUROPE as an impartial source, which I don't think I should do, it still leaves me in the dark, me searching for extent, reason and methods of Polish acts against Jews. In fact, when I did CTRL+F for [jews], I hit on Andrzejewski twice, and Majewski once. No word Jewish , too.Instead, a fair deal about Dziady the theatrical play that shook Poland up and down, and hence, Europe, and the world (as Israel is not in Europe). There are limits to naivety beyond which I can't respond to, Scatts. Why semantic precision is so important?BBC probably used s article in Polish. I draw your attention to Kaczynski's words about people in 1968: opuściło nasz kraj w warunkach może nie tyle pełnego przymusu, ale bardzo silnego nacisku [rough translation: "they left our country under heavy pressure, but not forced to".That's why lack of semantic precision is what disturbs me. That's why Jolanta saying "no one who lived then was deluded by the SB politeness" disturbs me. Two persons in my family: one was deluded by SB politness, thinking it's possible to refuse their offers, and, yes!, who managed to live to tell about it (but it sure would take guts to find out how SB would react). The other person, yes did know 'SB politness' alright, and yet denied collaboration, and was killed. In the 50s. (I'd say times more gruesome than late 60s). When Jolanta mentions 'politness' in her example, I see a frightened person who doesn't want to take any chances, and could sell their belongings. SB politness seemingly goes by various names, Jolanta. Anyway, it certainly looks nicer that Gestapo politness? But go on, make the 'politness' levels equal. (But then, you won't find me ready to talk to you about it.)Why semantic precision is so important?Care to make your comment on ? (But don't simply say it's rubbish or that it's revelation. Give your sources or counter-sources.)Why semantic precision is so important?Another example: , a Stalinist criminal. His step-brother, Adam Michnik, yes the Adam Michnik, says Stefan's deeds were due to juvenile naivete and that their significance is exaggerated. Adam Michnik is a propagandist here, naturally. No semantic precision, no statistics. Statistics would read:Stefan Michnik, a Stalinist officer [now criminal], member of the regime, in Sweden since 1969.Why geography matters, too?Anyone noticed L. Kantor above and S. Michnik here chose Sweden as the place of their exile ? Why not Israel? The question is not supposed to say Jews should live in Israel only , it's to make you wonder: what's there about Sweden that Israel may lack?Hints:Care to explain why Mr Schetyna (Home Office Minister) several hundred people only barely a thousand? Care to explain why the minister mentions , not any other place on Earth?


Jak tam w tym klubie.. jaka atmosfera ?? słyszałem ze tam po koncertach lubi± sie bić.. stal itp?? prawda to??

xD pod palmaa

spoko tyle ze rurek nawet do piwa nie ma xD

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